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 Conservatory design: innovative, technologically advanced.  A conservatory supplier, Taunton based, like no other. 

As Heart Radio says " You haven't seen a conservatory until you have visited Quantock Conseratories Ltd!"


 The Leading South West's Design House for Ultraframe APPROVED Livin_Room, Livin_ROOF & UltraSky Prestige Extension Range and replacement conservatory roofs.

The unique nature of Quantock Conservatories Ltd

 We design with you to create what you see in your mind's eye. None of our products are "off the shelf". With our vision, and your ideas, we create what you forsee and design the product you want. Unique to you as individuals and a living space very personal to you, to use every single day of the year. Simply, our customers are created rooms that they want, rather than just being "sold" one. Our Design House is a prime example of our creativity and working ethos. Visit us to see for yourself at Blackdown Garden centre TA21 9HY.

Conservatories & Replacement Roofs

*NEW TO SOUTH WEST* Quantock Conservatories Ltd's Designs are unique and cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Ultraframe Approved Design House               A family owned business of property specialists with

                                                                                                                         20 years experience

We design with you a room to enjoy ALL year round

                                                                                               Stunning, Unique & Bespoke Designs Created

Contemporary & Traditional Designs

                                                                                               Using the Latest Thermal Efficiency Technology

Ten Year CIN & Ultraframe guarantee


With your imagination and our expertise, we can create a beautiful and very high quality additional living space that you desire, whatever the design and dimensions you require.

Stylish & Practical

Designed for Living

Sophisticated Simplicity

Add a Designer Look

When trends come together

We turn ideas into reality

                                                     *NEW* 380 ultraRoof System & UltraSky Orangery System

Stylish & Practical triple A** thermal efficiency  glazing

Chosen & recommended by customers throughout the area, our attention to detail is second to none e.g Triple glazed units A** thermal efficiency as standard for Loggia Livin_ROOF, Livin_Room, RealROOF, UltraSky Orangery System & 380 UltraRoof System.​​

*NEW* 380 UltraRoof system          Designed for Living                           

The Ultraframe 380, due to its revolutionary product specification, is lightweight & an ideal solution to replace an existing conservatory roof: lightweight, easier & faster to install than any other solid roof on existing frames.

*NEW*  UltraSky Orangery                                             System              Sophisticated Simplicity

We are all looking to add some extra space to our homes, maybe for a living room, dining room, playroom, kitchen, or simply a room to relax in.​​​



When trends come together

An extra room from which you can enjoy new light, space and your garden.​​​​ The high level of glazing brings the feel and enjoyment of 'al fresco' living into your home, every day and all year round.



We turn ideas into reality

Nothing brings you closer to the great outdoors than a glass-roofed conservatory, with the superior thermal properties of our products, you can enjoy your space all year round.

Add a designer look

Using only the highest quality PVC-u  system we can realise intricate designs and fantastic detailing on your behalf, bespoke glass buildings have never looked better.​


Loggia ~ Prestige and Premium

Loggia Prestige ~ The Loggia Prestige produces a beautiful design to the external of any home whether older or newer in nature. Due to the innovative design, a conservatory is now transformed to one of warmth in winter and cooler in the summer months. Coupled with this, heating costs for your conservatory are reduced by some 30% with super insulated Loggia narrow columns, Prestige insulating pelmet  and Livin_LIGHT which addresses the three main heat loss areas of a conservatory. Your conservatory can be transformed to a new living space to be enjoyed all year round.

Loggia Premium ~ With an exceptional range of designs, your conservatory can reflect your own individuality and really make your new space to relax, your very own. Minimalistic or creating a WOW factor . The Loggia Premium is only limited by your own imagination. Personalising your own design with a choice  of options include multiple wide or narrow super insulated columns, sitting on or off plinths, topped with classic Cornice outside, internally insulated with a Livin_Room perimeter ceiling, warmed by Loggia panel heaters and illuminated by Livin_LIGHT.

LOGGIA Range Brochure



Livin_room ~ Enjoy the light of a conservatory with the feel of an extension with Livin~room. Adaptable in nature whether replacing an existing conservatory or a new conservatory, the Livin~room creates a new dynamic space giving a 'real' living or dining room from which to relax or entertain. With much greater thermal efficiency to that of a standard conservatory, and  greater overall value than an extension, the Livin_room provides options for personalised design to maximise light and space. Using windows all round, having brick piers for a greater sense of solidity or upper insulated Loggia columns and the scope to provide a stylish environment to which to furnish and downlight with the perimeter ceiling.

LIVIN- Room Brochure



Livin_ROOF ~ The Livin_ROOF if the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibilty to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. It helps you extend your living space and enhance its thermal performance to give a room to enjoy all year round. Stylish, with flexible design options, the Livin_ROOF  can be used to create a new conservatory for your home,to replace an existing old conservatory roof. With such high thermal efficiency, it provides a room like no other on the market.


The Livin-ROOF is constructed of insulated composite external panels and HIGH performance PU Board Insulation  which are strong, robust and extremely thermally efficient. The Classic roof system provides strength and rigidity. The roofing system allows you to choose  how much daylight you wish to penetrate your new room by incorporating one or a number of glazed panels. An essence of space is captured within a very contemporary design; not easily achievable in other roof systems.


Internally the Livin-ROOF is stunning, with a vaulted ceiling and internal pelmet from which contemporary lighting can be hung. Where a vaulted ceiling is not desired, a suspended ceiling can be created allowing the continuation of an adjoining room ceiling height, or to give your new room a more 'homely and cosy' feel.


Loggia Showreel

The photographs provided are for illustration purposes only. Quantock Conservatories Ltd photographs are indicated where used. All our conservatories are unique but the stock photographs give an indication as where your imagination can be drawn to create your own 'unique and totally bespoke' living space with us.

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